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 Electronic Medbilling & Associates is the RIGHT SOLUTION for your Electronic Medical Billing needs. Medical Billing services done    right.  Very competitive rates with excellent customer Service. Provider Payment is our #1 Priority


  1. Partial to Total Medical Billing Through Our Billing Center-We will do your medical billing and will increase your cash flow. ...
  2. Accounts Receivable (Adjudication) We do your clean up-  We clean up old insurance claims that are sitting in your accounts receivable and loosing money. We Are Your Adjudication Experts!
  3. Practice Management Billing Software-A full integrated practice management billing software (OPENPM) that is offerred through our national associate. .
  4. Electronic Claims Filing (EDI Clearinghouse)- Our associates' will consolidate your payer reports into a single, standardized easy to read format. We turn confusing data into useful information. Claims are separated by payer and grouped by accepted or rejected status.
  5. Electronic Patient Statement & Patient Billing- Save money by outsourcing your statements. Call today for information and cost. No matter what the volume is, our affiliate can handle your needs. They will send all statements out within 24 hours of receiving the information. They will be done professionally and expeditiously. This service can save thousands of dollars to any organization. We have competitive rates.
  6. Denial Management & Appeals Plus- Our associates' will provide a solution that will provide a process and workflow improvement in identifying and appealing underpaid and denied claims. With no capital expenditures required for hardware or software purchase, your return on investment is immediate
  7. Commercial Invoicing-Print and Mail-Invoice Presentment & Payment Services- Our associates  will work with your staff to design a more effective invoice or statement for your business. We process your data to individualize, produce and distribute transactional documents such as invoices, statements, collection letters, and special informational inserts or newsletters
  8. Consulting-Practice Management Consulting-  We are dedicated to delivering revence enhancement, expense reduction. We provide solutions that can drive significant financial and operational improvement with sustainable results.
  9. Patient Eligibility and Benefits-We sit down and assist you in formulating a plan on how to obtain the correct patient data in order to lessen denied claims. The importance of your eligibility and verifying benefits cannot be understated.

We understand how the clinic and office side of your business should work together. Our experts have developed programs and methods to assist medical professionals in tearing down the walls that they constantly encounter to get bills paid, questions answered, and money collected.

You have to love what you do to be successful.

At Electronic Medbilling & Associates of Salem, Ohio, we put our heart and soul into every aspect of our practice management and health care consulting work.

We provide you with an unparalleled work ethic focused on your success.

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