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 Electronic Medbilling & Associates is the RIGHT SOLUTION for your Electronic Medical Billing needs. Medical Billing services done    right.  Very competitive rates with excellent customer Service. Provider Payment is our #1 Priority

Accurate & Efficient Medical Billing

When you allow us too successfully manage you're billing operations, it permits your staff and the personnel to center their attention on growing your business and increasing your offices' profitability

Doctor Working on Computer - Patient BillingOur main objective is providing your medical office with timely reimbursement through electronic claim submission reducing significant internal costs associated with in-house billing. While Electronic Medbilling & Associates is extremely knowledgeable in all types of medical billing, we have worked with the specialties listed us unsurpassed expertise in the unique complexities of these fields.

We will assist our healthcare providers/physician offices, hospitals, clinics, by maximizing their revenue and minimizing their bottom line cost.

If you are looking for a dedicated team that will provide your practice a thorough, diligent, effective, and inexpensive solution to your total AR management, then Electronic Medbilling & Associates is the ONLY REAL SOLUTION. 

We customize our services to suit our client's needs. We have multiple options for you. We use our own multiple practice management software billing systems. Or, if you are in the market place for replacing a new fully integrated practice management software program for your practice, then you can learn more about OPENPM (Open Practice Solutions). Check out the page our associate's Billing Software.

Decrease your internal costs and reduce your days in receivable by maximizing your revenue with accuratet medical billing from Electronic Medbilling & Associates.

We provide medical billing services for medical facilities nationwide, including:

  Dont let your Cash Flow Go Down the Drain!            

• Radiology
• Physical Therapy
• Occupational & Speech Therapy
• Podiatry
• Pain Management
• Cardiovascular Medicine
• Mental Health

• Hospitals
• Chiropractic
• Orthopedic



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