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AR Recovery

As the costs of quality care continues to rise and reimbursement rates decline, physicians, hospitals, and clinics are experiencing ailing profit margins. AR recovery is your prescription for cleaning health care receivables! We clean up old insurance claims that are sitting on the books and costing you money every day.

We recognize that all types of providers, no matter how large or small, can no longer afford to write off those denied, short-paid, or aged insurance claims. We have worked with numerous health care providers and hospitals in resolving aged insurance receivables and remain unmatched in our ability to identify claim errors and resolve them with insurers. Our firm has adjudicated more $58,000,000 over the past 16 years. How does this work? We make insurance companies pay.

Here a just a few of the services we have done for hospital systems and healthcare providers.

  • Sending medical records, medical necessity documentation to support more complex claims to insurance companies to accelerate payment
  • Calling insurance companies and speaking to upper level supervisor for expedited resolution
  • Check claim status through online insurance portals, and more
  • Contacting the insurance companies to help the healthcare providers and their patients with complex issues with coordination of benefits & eligibility
  • Discussing patient balances with your patients in order to expedite self pay revenue.
  • Assisting the practices with credentialing, network issues.
  • Coding assistance-discussing the LCD's associated with certain codes (local coverage determination)
  • Reviewing policy/procedure specific to that insurance company