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 Electronic Medbilling & Associates is the RIGHT SOLUTION for your Electronic Medical Billing needs. Medical Billing services done    right.  Very competitive rates with excellent customer Service. Provider Payment is our #1 Priority

Practice Management Billing Software

Through our associate, which was founded in 2005, we offer a Web-based practice management and medical billing application based on fully open standards. Unlike legacy systems that are rigid, complex, expensive, and proprietary, OpenPM™ was written to be flexible, easy to use, cost effective, and fully compliant with industry standards.

OpenPM offers a fully integrated system that can automate billing and accounts receivable and produce extensive reports to help you better manage your organization. It provides a level of access never before possible, allowing you to improve cash flow and office productivity by offering:

• Automated Solutions for Secure Web Access from Anywhere
• Flexible Appointment Scheduling
• Real Time Eligibility Verification
• Patient Registration with Unlimited Custom Fields
• Code Error Checking
• One-Click Claims Submissions
• Automated Postings of ERAs
• Statement Processing with E-Delivery Available
• Financial Reporting & Analysis
• PDF or Spreadsheet Formatted Reports
• Patient Payment Portal
• Inter & Intra Office Messaging
• Document Scanning
• Form Generators
• Collections Management
• Financial Benchmarking Graphs