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Denial Management and Appeal Plus

Our associates' program "Denial Management Solution" utilizes dashboards and Key Performance Indicators including HFMA MAP Keys to provide quantitative management where data is measured and used to drive improvement decisions. Trending analysis feeds continuous improvement efforts.  

In addition to the dashboards, reports can be printed as searchable PDFs or output in Microsoft Excel format to provide full visibility of this critical segment of the revenue cycle. Denial Management, in addition to dashboards, reports can be printed as searchable PDF's or output  in Microsoft Excel format to provide full visibility of this critical segment of the revenue cycle.


AppealsPlus Program Contract Variance Reporting

Through our associates' program that can offer the AppealsPlus program. It can also be used with any PM, HIS, or clearinghouse. AppealsPlus links directly to a Wiki that provides a repository of knowledge that will assist your denial management team in taking control of the appeals process. The Wiki can be available across all involved departments to assure organizational accountability. They can also provide an interface to manage the automated or ad hoc assignment of appeals to third parties with relevant expertise.

AppealsPlus Automation

AppealsPlus helps increase productivity by automatically extracting data from ERAs into case records. The data in the case records can auto populate fields in complex payer forms that are converted into fill-able PDFs. The same data can be merged into appeal letter templates using Microsoft Word. This results in significant time savings and reduction of transcription errors. AppealsPlus applies rule-based automation to manage and track your audit and appeals process. All documentation can be stored and accessed as required. Electronic delivery and confirmation is available through CMS Kanban-type boards customized according to your requirements to guide the process by:

1. Visualizing and optimizing workflow

2. Enabling real-time team collaboration

3. Providing advanced analytics and metrics


 Another key of AppealsPlus is contract variance reporting. Our system imports 835 electronic remittance files and measures payment accuracy against payer contracts. From that point, AppealsPlus will provide variance reporting vs. the fee schedule, automate the completion of various payer dispute form and letters, provide complete denials management, and track and manage the appeals process. From the beginning to the end, this is the solution for your practice. Many healthcare providers are looking for the right tool or solution for handling denials. You dont have to look any further, our associates have the Right Solution for your practice.