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 Electronic Medbilling & Associates is the RIGHT SOLUTION for your Electronic Medical Billing needs. Medical Billing services done    right.  Very competitive rates with excellent customer Service. Provider Payment is our #1 Priority


Patient Billing..A New Alternative- Our associates' found an excellent method on how to make patient statements friendlier, easier to understand.. so patients "pay their bills".

Outsourcing your statement files is easy and fast.


FAST, ACCURATE, EFFICIENT & They work with multiple Practice Management Systems.



Why it works?  Due to initiative led by the HFMA and in partnership with the AHA  (American Hosptial Association) certain issues involved with hosptials and health systems collecting and communicating billing information led to the newly engineered statement program began developing the "Patient Friendly Alternative". Simply, if it is easy to understand, patient will pay their bills and less calls to your office trying to explain to them what is all means.

              STOP THE FRUSTRATION!!!!!

With Healthcare clients nationwide, the "End Result" displayed that by integrating technology and utilization of creative management tools, did in fact, MAXIMIZE" self-pay dollars and patient understanding. Optimize your self-pay revenue cycle along with minimizing your cost but MAXIMIZING CASH FLOW. We all know that your self-pay dollars are greater now than ever with increasing deductible along with non-covered services. Call us today for webinar to learn more. 330-332-3115.

Patient Pay Program

Are your patient balances being left unresolved more and more each month?

Are your patients simply not paying their bills?

Are you wasting valuable time doing in-house collections, when you can use the patient pay program and outsource your statements with much better results?

The SOLUTION IS SIMPLE- Try the Alternative to Patient Friendly Statements

We have an effective system for the resolution of patient receivable that will increase patient satisfaction, lessen phone calls, and decrease your internal collection expense and SAVE TIME and MONEY!

Our asssociates' require no long-term commitments nor do they charge implementation or programming fees to get you started.

The risks are ours and the rewards are yours!



Greater Operating Efficiency

Less Wear and Tear on Printers

Lower Supply Costs

No Tending of Printers

No Reruns

No Waste

No Bursting or Collating

No Folding, Inserting, Sealing and Stamping

Toll Free Transmission-24 hrs a day/7 days a week

Statements Processes and Mailed within 24 hour hrs, Window Return Envelope

Account Identification Accompanies Payment, Less Time Spent Posting Payments,Scan coding Increases Efficiency/Accuracy,OCR Font for Lock Box Operations,Bar Coding for Posting.

Improved Statements with Laser Color, Increased Legibility for Older Patients,Greater Statement Design and Flexibility, Opportunity for Placement of Additional Messages.

Top Line Summary, Easier to Read, Back Printing Provides Opportunity to Provide More Information, Change of Address, Insurance Information, Credit Card Payment option Hightlighted, Conventional Window Envelopes familiar to patients, Shorter intervals between processing and Mailing, Expenses incurred after statements are mailed-Payment Term Net 20, No inventory Expense, Lower administrative expense.

Improved Patient Satisfaction MEANS Improved Cash Flow